Jack Freckleton Sturla is a Pavia-based translator and artist.

Their work focuses on archival practices and the idea of translation across disciplines, exploring connections between the history of art, music, and literature in both high and pop culture.

For work enquiries, collaborations, and general chit-chat, please drop an e-mail at j.freckletonsturla@gmail.com

Translation (English-Italian/Italian-English)

Giannetto Fieschi: L’esperienza dell’arte, 2022
Tallin’s Dance Macabre, 2021
The Turn of the Screw, 2019
Nixon in China, 2019

Art projects

Archival Variations on “Death by Drowning”, 2021
Via (al)la musica, 2021
Art portfolio

My work in the wild

Ritorniamo a Casa. Collettivo Umami, 2021.
Not Like You Fan Zine: Love Letters to Grosso. Not Like You Records, Albuquerque (NM), 2020.